Easy to use personal finance for OS X

Squirrel helps you track and plan your finance with ease and fun

Organize your transactions

Sometimes accounts are not enough to keep your transactions together. Group them into folders, or automatically filter them with smart folders according to their account, description, amount, date… Keep your list uncluttered by hiding unused accounts. Your account become out of sight but your records still remain in the database.

Account reconciliation

Reconcile your accounts with your paper bank statement in a dedicated interface. You can drag and drop transactions to match the order of your bank statement. As you mark transactions as reconciled, Squirrel automatically update the post-statement balance.

Multiple currencies

Finally an application with meaningful foreign currencies management! Squirrel calculates automatically how much each transaction is worth in your base currency, according to the exchange rate of your transfers and withdrawals.

Track your balance over time

The history graph shows the evolution of your account's or folder's balance over time. Move your mouse over the graph to read the balance at a specific date.

Import Rules

Automatically change the properties of the imported transactions. Clean up your transactions, assign categories and tags before importing them.

Easy importing

Squirrel can import data from other financial management applications or from your bank institution. Supported file formats include OFX, QIF and CSV. Connect to your bank website with the integrated web browser. Directly import into Squirrel files your bank institution makes available. Our importer features flexible options to let you import any file using specific date or number format. CSV and QIF files fields can be mapped differently to Squirrel's transactions properties.

All you need to analyze and control your finance

Reporting, budget planning, forecasting

Analyze your spendings

Squirrel provides powerful reporting tools. See where your money through four distinct reporting tools: categories, tags, trends and list. Dynamic charts automatically update as your data changes. You can filter down the transactions a report is generated from by excluding certain categories or tags. Reports can also be exported as PDF files or directly printed from a set of templates.

Categories pie charts

See the breakdown of your spending and income by category. Click on any pie slice to view the details.


Compare the evolution of your spending for the selected category or tags on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Tags bar charts

Get the global picture of your expenses by tag, or filter down a particular category to see the breakdown.

Control your spendings with budgets

Set limits on each category and control your spendings. Squirrel shows the progress for the current period and the remaining amount so you can stay on top of your budgets.


You can easily convert any transaction into a repeating event. Squirrel notifies you when one of your schedules is ready to be paid. Schedules can have dynamically calculated amounts, so they can represent credit card reimbursement or saving accounts interests. Enable forecasting to include previews of upcoming transactions in the ledger. The amount of scheduled transactions is automatically updated as other transactions change, and the history graph shows the resulting balance.

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Optimized for macOS Sierra

Squirrel makes the most out of OS X latest technologies

64-Bit architecture

Built for 64-bit and multi-core processors, Squirrel takes full advantage of the latest Mac computers.

Retina Display

Get the most out of every pixel of your Mac's Retina display, Squirrel displays stunning high resolution graphics.

Efficient database

Squirrel is built on top of Core Data for high performance even with large databases.